At ARGHAM BYTES we offer you once in all services varying from domain registration to cheap hosting plans to website development (both dynamic using flash and static using html pages or CMS based) to its maintenance to blogging to forums and to number of things related to WWW.

We also do application development for specific client needs

Going by our name ARGHAM (meaning 8 offerings in Sanskrit language) and BYTE (8 bits), we offer following 8 varying services and have expertise on all of them.

Website Development

We develop and set up WordPress websites / blogs / phpBB forums / Pligg CMS (for digg like site) and e-commerce portals.

App Development

We also develop apps for smart phones like Android and Apple iOS. We help publishing the developed apps to their respective market place too.

Software Development

We also develop Windows applications, both web based and stand-alone, depending upon the requirements using the latest Microsoft technologies and tools (.Net, Angular, MVC, WCF, WPF etc).


We specialize in moving blogs from blogspot / to self hosted wordpress blog i.e. migration from <> to <>

We also specialize in mapping any top level domain with blogspot blog such that the blog remains on blogspot but is accessible using the new domain name. No one outside would be able to identify that you are on blogspot and thus saving you buy any web hosting package.


We help in suggesting suitable domains, registering them and buying hosting plans best suiting the needs at a very cheap price.


We help you in hosting your mailbox with Google / Outlook at no extra cost enabling you to use their industry best services at no cost.


Search engine optimization (SEO) is the most important step in website development and life cycle. Higher ranked on the search results page or more frequently a site appears in the search results list, the more visitors it will receive from the search engine’s users and effectively a popular website.

We do Search Engine Optimization for all kinds of websites, be it WordPress hosted blog or phpBB forum or pligg hosted site or a static html website.

Design & Customize

We also have expertise in designing simple but elegant and effective Logos for your businesses. We also customize themes and/or plug-ins of any WordPress self-hosted website as per the need.

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