ARGHAM is not just a name – its a bond. We don’t just believe in making customers, but focus on building relations.

Our focus on each relation is mutually exclusive.

In an era of multi-core, we are trying to deliver to best potential. Technology alone can’t make smooth rides, so we run in parallel to make your journey free of glitches.

ARGHAM might be new on the channel but in its short duration, we are proud to have built up a strong reputation with our relation build.

Journey has just begun, seed has just been sown.

We are running towards making your own Technology Tree. A place where you get answers to all your web queries related to website, application development / maintenance and etc.

Going by our name ARGHAM (meaning 8 offerings in Sanskrit language) and BYTE (8 bits), we offer 8 varying services and have expertise on all of them.

Founded on 1st Jan 2011 by two young professionals who always wanted to ease technology availability to laymen. Our main motive and mission behind ARGHAM BYTES is “simplifying technology, owning a website is no longer a rocket science

Co-founders of ARGHAM BYTES:

Amit Sahrawat

He is a techno enthusiast who is always ready to learn-implement new technologies and derive his own based upon the requirements. He is always ready-to-go person. Being working with a mutli-national company, he always finds out time to share his knowledge and thoughts with the team.

NitiN Kumar Jain

Apart from working with a multi-national organization as a Technical Architect he finds it easy to spend few hours on latest happening and inventing new technologies apart from his regular office work. He keeps the work environment light and healthy by cracking few jokes  here and there while having technical points in them too.

Even though we don’t work full time on our this entrepreneurship but we don’t leave any stone unturned to win client’s confidence and delivering the needed before time.

Our on-line and on-time tech support is greatly appreciated by our respected clients.

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